Welcome to Shata Mediterranean!

Welcome to Shata Mediterranean!

We are proud to open the doors to the new, Shata Mediterranean! Our concept is simple and easy, with delicious results! Because we believe when you’re hungry, you should never have to wait so long to satisfy your tastebuds! And trust us, great food, should never have to be hard to come by.

Simply come on in, place your order, watch it be brought to life, check out and enjoy!

Shata offers your choice of a tasty sandwich in a wrap, pita or bowl. And not to mention, some really friendly service to go with it!

We pride ourselves in offering hand-crafted, delectable dishes using the freshest ingredients with a new twist.

At Shata, you’ll find a wide selection of sandwiches including shawarma, chicken shawarma and falafel. Indulge in our appetizers or treat yourself to a finely prepared entree that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

We hope to see you join us!

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